Tuesday, June 24, 2014


First off, happy Fathers day this next week! Love you dad :). You are
the greatest! I wouldnt want anyone else as my papy :)
And congratulations for finishing school. Especially you Parker! Thats
awesome :) Now get ready for the mish little friend :)
Wow, this last week was crazy! I feel super lazy because I hardly did
any legit missionary work, but it was a fun week :). Monday night this
last week Hermana Lachos from my trio started having attacks of pain.
She has lung problems and the cold here has been really hard on her.
We went to a clinic and they gave us meds and told us to come back
later if the pain continued. Tuesday I flew up to Comodoro in the
morning and spent the day working with a sister training leader
there-- Hermana Mergenthaler from Montana. It was great. We taught a
wonderful family and I hope to hear about them later. We had our
conference then all day Wednesday. We felt the spirit so strong and
learned a whole ton. I learned a bunch of things that we need to apply
in my area (although when I mentioned them to my companions they had a
hard time accepting them-- pucha!(a special spanish word :))
Patience-- I always run into that same wall but I am really going to
try to apply them and motivate them to do so too. Wednesday night we
were supposed to fly back to Rio Grande by plane but due to a ton of
rain it got cancelled and we got sent back by bus. What should have
been like a 3 hour trip became about 24 and we came unprepared. We
loaded a bus at 2 that morning and travelled until like 5 the next
day, sleeping and waking as we pleased. Then I spent 2 days in Rio
Gallegos working with Hermanas there because there werent the correct
buses available until Saturday morning. We saw all kinds of miracles,
people were opening their doors to us like crazy and we put several
baptismal dates. It was legit! I saw and learned lots of things from
them too that I just hope my companions will be willing to try. It was
truly a blessing to spend my time there and see how others work to try
and be a better missionary. I am so antsy to go out and work right
now. I have been doing nothing so long. Saturday in the morning we
travelled until late afternoon-- passing through Chile again (I have
so many stamps in my passport :)). Then in the afternoon Hermana
Lachos was having more problems so we went to another clinic. They
told us that she needs at least 4 days of rest. So yesterday we didnt
even go to church. We ended up leaving to write today but yesterday we
were inside all day, going back and forth from the doctor and stuff.
We are going to try to do divisions in the afternoon today and I am
going to go out and work. I am excited. It will be good. Hermana
Lachos has another doctors appointment and is going to be going with
my other comp. I hoep that everything goes well. It wouldnt surprise
me if they have to transfer her up further north for the cold which
makes me sad because I love this trio! But whatever happens is for the
best. Anyway, so I finally get to work today in the afternoon after
like a week off. I really missed my area actually. Especially 2
investigators we have named Jessica and Pedro. I called them when I
got back. They have a little girl named Valentina who is probably 4
years old. They told me she had missed me and she wanted to talk to me
on the phone. So sweet!

In conference this last week I realized that I have been doing a lot
of things wrong, or not as well as I could have been doing them. I
honestly never realized or had sincerely forgotten. I was never taught
a lot of things and had never seen missionaries work so hard and I
realized that I need to step up. I realized that everytime I have felt
bad in the mish, it was because I wasnt working right. There really
isnt any excuse, but after months with companions who didnt want to
work, I really got slowed down and didnt realize. In seeing others
work, I feel like I have hardly worked in my mission. With my current
companions we have been working a whole lot more than we were working
before. But now I have realized how I can give even more and be better
and I am going to do it. And even though I have felt really bad about
it, like I have used the Lords time poorly, I am really grateful for
what it has taught me. I have come to realize the reality of the
Savior Jesus Christ. It is going to be a process repenting for it all
but the Lord paid for all of the mistakes I have made, both as a
missionary and before. He truly lives and truly has provided the way
to change and happiness. He truly suffered for all of the silly things
I, and each of us has done because He loves us. I love Him so much.
This is His church.

Ok, I had a bunch of pictures from the trip that its not letting me
send right now. I will send them later. Love you all! Have a great
week :)
Hermana Kuhn

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