Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This week was so great! We had 4 investigators in our sacrament
meeting this week! And we had a few menos activos that showed up too. And even though the meeting was super noisy with screaming kids, they almost all made comments about the peace and comfort they felt in the meeting. It turns out that one of our investigators Pedro also knows President Orona (from our rama) well. Milagro! Oh man, so great. We still have our fecha but she didn´t show up at church again, darn it! But the rest are doing well. My companions are super great. They are teaching me all the time by example how to have the Spirit with me more and even enjoy everything more. Every day I feel that I am growing closer and closer to the Savior and my Heavenly Father. I am realizing that the way to be the most happy and most close to Heavenly Father is by humbling myself, acknowledging my mistakes, and making changes enough to do all that He asks of me. I have been trying to be more humble, obedient and dedicated this week and it has been super. I want to use every moment better in the service of the Lord and be better and better all the time because that´s where happiness comes from. I also know that Christ has paid for all of my past mistakes and errors and that the past doesn´t matter anymore, just the here and now. Wow, the mission sure teaches you a lot. Sometimes too I feel like I am speaking Spanish the same as if I were speaking English (not all the time of course, but occasionally) and that makes it so much easier to teach by and feel the Spirit. I love it, so great! We have felt the Spirit a lot this week, mostly thanks to my companions but it has been so great :) This coming week I have conferences in Comodoro with President Rogers. Me and the 2 zone leaders from Rio Grande are going to be taking a plane to Buenos Aires and then to Comodoro to be able to attend. Crazy how big our mission is! Anyway, that will be a fun experience. I´m excited :) This week we had a miracle with 2 investigators in 2 seperate lessons where we met with them and taught them briefly. When they didn´t want to pray at the end of the lessons, in both cases their children asked them to pray and they did. One of them even got emotional in his prayer. Little children have the Spirit so strong and are tools in the work too :) Well, that´s just about it. I love you all! Have a great week :) Love, Hermana Kuhn p.s. I tried to make a cake this morning for an Elder´s birthday and I murdered it (ha, that´s what I get for expiramenting-- but it was fun!) haha p.s. a trio is so fun! My comps are great :) The weather isn´t all that cold...at least not yet. But neither of my companions are used to it, being from Mexico and Peru, and they are already dying of cold and I just laugh. Poor girls! but I´m enjoying the fact that I am from Idaho :) Me and my comps below at a less members house :)

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