Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear fam, I am not sure what happened this week but I am doing so
good! It could be that I have two super CAPA (super great) companions,
or that we just had awesome lessons and stuff im not sure but its been
great. I am here with Hermanas Salazar and Lachos. Hermana Salazar is
from Mexico and is super fun. She reminds me of Mackenzie Facer in
that she is always doing something super fun or funny and is also
really spiritual. I have felt the spirit so strong in my time with
her. She puts a lot of emphasis in the Book of Mormon when she teaches
and I love that. She is super chill and I love her a lot! Hermana
Lachos is from Peru and is a little bit more shy but really sweet. I
really like being in a trio . I missed having a little more noise in
my life. My last companion was super quiet too and that is totally
alright but I like hearing other people. I am having a lot of fun :) I
look forward to going out every day too and sharing. I have felt the
spirit so strong the last few days. We have just been sharing with
everyone what we love-- that salvation comes through Christ and the
gospel teaches us how to receive and accept it. We put a baptismal
date with a woman named Sylvia, invited 2 investigators, a couple,
named Jessica and Pedro to be baptized and they accepted (we still
havent put a baptismal date, but hey) and we got some great contacts
in this last week. On one occasion this last week my companions and I
decided to do contacts for a few minutes this week and we thought--
ok, where? I offered a quick prayer for the first time in a while
asking direction for where to contact and I felt that I should knock a
certain door. The young woman that answered was super friendly and
just great :). We made a cita and will be visiting her this week! We
also visited a contact once this week named Omar and talked to him
about the Book of Mormon. I felt the spirit so strong testifying to
him that the book of mormon is the word of God. I felt very strongly
about him. it was weird. It was something that i havent really felt
before-- that i was meant and supposed to meet him. he wouldnt accept
a book of mormon but I feel like one day he will change. I am praying
for him :).
Ha, this last week too we made a contact where we asked if we could
come in and teach but the man told us that we couldnt because he had
to go to the hospital. he was a little bit strange looking, poor guy
like he had some kind of health or mental problem so hermana salazar
asked if he was sick. poor guy goes, ¨no, actually i am a doctor¨. oh
man, i couldnt stop laughing. even at the next door when we knocked i
couldnt stop laughing to talk to our contact. so funny!
So this last week i got here, then we had interviews 2 days later,
then district conference the next 2 days-- we almost can have a stake
here combining rio grande with Ushuaia and we are excited about that.
we just still need a few more tithing payers and we are there. we are
going to mention that a lot to members and get them excited.
Oh, and as Hermana sister leader, its basicalyl like district leader
of hermanas. but i am going to do interchanges with the hermanas and
just train them. hermana heath and hermana garavito are the only other
hermanas that i am in charge of but they are super great, both of
them. I love them a lot!
I wish i could write about all of the members, less actives, and
investigators that i have met but there would be so much to write.
just know that they are all great! I do miss quite a few families and
people from Puerto Madryn but i am loving it here. things are super
I hope you all are doing well and have a super great week!
Love you all!
Hermana Kuhn

Here we have Hermana Tumbaico and I with Gladys, afterwards a sandwich
that I bought in Chile :) It was delicious! The very little I saw of
Chile was lovely and then my companions. hermana Salazar is in the
middle and Lachos to the left.

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