Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Wow, so this week we got transfer info and i have been travelling by
bus for like 2 days and am in Rio Gallegos right now doing VISA stuff
because I am headed to Rio Grande in the South of the mission and I
have to cross in and out of Chile to get there. I have been called to
Rio Grande to serve with Hermanas Lachos y Salazar in a trio and as
Sister Training Leader :). This last week a whole lot happened as far
as farewells for the other missionaries who are finishing off their
missions, with stake conference, and with special meetings with the
ward leaders . It was just insane but it was a very good week. I am
happy to be leaving Puerto Madryn with several fechas and with Hermana
Tumbaico who I feel will do a super great job keeping up with those
investigators. We left Maribel and Adriana with a fecha, and Gladys
with the promise of a future cita. We left an investigator named
Noelia Rios-- who I love , love, love! with the promise of a cita when
she has her baby. she is 9 months pregnant and should be giving birth
any time now. she told us this last week that there has been a peace
that has come into her life from the things that we have taught her.
That makes me so happy! This last week we had a lesson with her and
the spirit just fed me a constant peace. I felt like i was in my
grandma´s house or something. I hate to admit it, but i am especially
happ y because I was the one who approached her in the first place
and asked her if she would be willing to listen to us after we visited
with her recent convert friend. We also have a future investigator
named Natalia who we havent taught yet but who has showed up at church
a few times and with whom Herman Tumbaico is going to put a fecha with
soon. I am pleased to have been able to get to know them and help them
out this little while. It was hard to leave Puerto Madryn this past
week-- many people told me they were gong to miss me and even those
i didnt know very well told me that they will all going to miss me
playing the piano on sundays and teaching piano class. I love the
members-- in specific the bishop and flia. montano, and my fave piano
student Ronaldo, the menos activos that we have visited (who are also
succesfully coming back! like Rosio and Victor) and our
investigators-- just our area in general and the super humble and
great people that we have found there. I am excited about this next
transfer and I am looking forward to serving in Rio Grande and as
sister training leader :). What a grand opportunity! I am looking
forward too to starting fresh in a new area, being obedient, working
hard, and just helping others. That is what I really want to do, help
other people and I have the great opportunity to do it. I have been
able to feel a lot lately the po wer of the atonement through my
prayers. I have been able to feel that Jesus Christ truly did pay the
price for all of my sins, mistakes, and even weaknesses and that I
have to do my part to overcome them, but they truly are paid for. They
can be immediately erased. And wow, how beautiful and wonderful is
that! I can start over with my Heavenly Father and be clean of my
mistakes. I love this gospel and its simple truths. :) I have been
talking to a lot of missionaries in my travels these last few days too
and have been able to listen to their testimonies . We have some great
missionaries here in this mission! I have loved getting to know them a
little better!!
The miracle of this week was just tranfers-- I immediately felt that
Rio Grande is where I need to be right now and with the Hermanas
Lachos y Salazar. I was reading the story of Paul in the New Testament
and a storm that he faced while as a prisoner aboard a ship headed to
Cesar. during the storm, an angel appeared to him and told him that he
would not be hurt and that the Lord had put him with the people whom
with he needed to be at that time on the ship. I feel the same about
my mission and my companions. The Lord knows!
I love you all very much. Have a great week!
Hermana Kuhn

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