Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Fam, it was so great to talk to you all yesterday! I sure enjoyed
it. Crazy to think that the next time we talk Parker will be out on
his mission and it will be Christmas again.
This week was super great. Although Gladys still doesn´t have
permission to get baptized, she continues to progress and her parents
gave permission for her little sisters to go to church with her! So
they came this week. We put another baptismal date with a woman named
Adriana. Her and her entire family are so great and I wouldn´t be
surprised if they all get baptized soon. Maribel who already had a
baptismal date quit working on Sundays so now she can come to church.
She still didn´t make it this last week but we have high hopes that
she will get there very soon.
Like I told you yesterday, I am doing so great right now. I´m not
exactly sure what happened this last week but I just jumped up from
where I was and I am feeling great. I had fallen a little but I am up
and now I am moving forward. I really enjoyed my week and we have had
a great week! More than anything what I enjoyed this last week was the
Spirit. I was just enjoying every lesson and moment with investigators
and that brought the Spirit super strong. I love Puerto Madryn and the
people here :).
My companion and I are getting a long well. It helps that she tells me
exactly what she thinks. Sometimes its a little abrupt and surprising
but in the end its a good thing to know what she thinks and wants. I
can see how each companionship is helping me learn and grow and I can
tell that the Lord has a plan for my mission. He is giving me just
those things I need to make me into the missionary He needs.
This last week I saw a miracle in answered prayer. Honestly the way I
have been able to jump back up has been through effort, but more than
that through prayer. The Lord has been answering my prayers to know
what to do and have the strength to do it. I know he loves His
children. We also saw so many miracles of being in the right place at
the right time so often-- showing up just when an investigator needed
us or was available. For example, this last week my companion and I
were leaving the house of Maribel who we could not contact right as
she was showing up and expained to us the problems with her schedule
that hadn´t allowed her to communicate with us and that she wanted to
meet with us again very soon. Everything just works out. :)

I forgot to mention it but this last week our zone went fishing
together. It was super fun! We made food on the beach and stuff too. I
loved it! Here are the pics :) Also I took up dad´s gander to write
down positive things in a little book-- my dad loves me book :). It
makes me feel special. ALright well have a great week! I love you all
very much!

Hermana Kuhn

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