Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Fam,
First off, happy birthday yesterday to Leckus! I hope you had a very
special birthday and that Jake waits at least a week to ask you out.
:) Congrats to Parker on his mission call! That is so exciting! And
for some reason it just felt right when I read that he is going to
Ecuador--it is just the right call for him and he is going to love it!
My companion was excited to hear that that is where he is headed and I
am too. What an awesome call! The people of Ecuador are amazing and
Parker is going to be able to learn Spanish too. How great is that! :)
I get to call home this next week! Sunday or Monday any time. Let me
know when is best for you!
Things are good here in Puerto Madryn-- we have had 6 new
investigators two weeks in a row! That has been really great. It´s
odd, all though I haven´t seen any baptisms in my mission yet or many
progressing investigators I have seen a whole ton of new
investigators. I suppose I am just planting seeds like crazy :). And
Gladys, our baptism that fell through, keeps coming to church and
keeps visiting with us. That has been really great. I will always love
her and have a special place for her in my heart, I wanted to cry when
I saw her in church on Sunday. She is so great :)
I love the people of Puerto Madryn. I am realizing more and more how
great they are-- they are so humble and kind. It makes me sad to think
of ever leaving them. I forget sometimes that once I have left here, I
may not ever be here again- a great reason to take advantage of every
moment and just love it. The members are fantastic and the people in
my favorite neighborhood-- barrio guemes--are so open to opening the
door and listening to us. They easily make friends with us and I love
them for it!
I have a little bit of a cold right now, so I am blowing my nose like
crazy, but I am just fine. The thing that has really been affecting me
this week is that I think that I am too hard on myself. I have been
recovering still from the fallen through baptism we had this last
week. I know that it doesn´t mean I am a bad missionary but I have
still been beating myself up about everything all week because of it.
I am having a hard time pulling out of it , but I am going to get
there. It´s a silly thing that set me off, but it has been tricky for
me. But through this little set back, I have been able to see a little
bit the plan of the Lord for me. My mission has been hard for me.
Perhaps for some people it isn´t so hard, but for me it has been, I am
not even sure why. Yet, I am seeing that I needed that. I came into
the mission on such a high that if the mission had been easy for me, I
don´t know if I could have got that much higher. But I feel like the
Lord sometimes has to let us get down at times so that we can go even
higher than we could have before, at least I am hoping that that is
what´s going on. It´s difficult because I am in the low spot right
now, but I am going to come out of it and be just fine :). I am sorry
for being a needy missionary, I never wanted to be that type of
missionary, it just helps to write you all of my feelings. I am doing
just fine, I just need time I think. My companion sure helps me a lot.
She is super great and I love her lots :). I haven´t been telling her
when I feel discouraged because I don´t think that helps but yet she
is constantly assiting me.
I saw a miracle this week in a young man I contacted the last transfer
that we ran into. He lives in a different area and told us the
missionaries had been visiting him but that they stopped for some
reason but that he wanted them to visit him again. I feel like I was
sent here if nothing else for him-- I have ran into him several times
and always right just in the moment when he needs us. He is reading
the Book of Mormon and likes it a lot.

Have a great week fam! Talk to you soon :)
Hermana Kuhn

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