Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Well, my companion and I had a good week and saw lots of miracles.
Unfortunately though, Glady´s parents at the last moment wouldn´t give
their permission and sign her baptismal form. She turns 18 in October
so we will just keep meeting with her and hope that she will be
baptized then. I have to admit that her baptism falling through like
that really did one on me. I was so excited for her to be baptized and
it was really frustrating for me that she can´t be baptized yet.I just
got upset because she is the only progressing investigator I have ever
had and was going to be the first baptism. And I know that missionary
work isn´t all about that but it was just going to be so nice to feel
like I am helping. Sometimes I feel like I work all day and for months
without actually helping the work. I mean, I have hardly ever had
anyone show up to church even. I don´t know, it gets frustrating. The
work is so much easier and enjoyable when there is someone who wants
to listen to you and appreciates what you are saying. But I can
already see that the Lord is helping me grow from the experience. I
have been able to come closer to my companion, closer to the Lord
through sincere prayer, and be more willing to sacrifice. I read this
morning a little bit about the missionary work of Paul. One time he
was stoned and everyone thought he was dead. He was taken from the
area and then was able to get up. The scriptures say that the next day
he started on his way to another city to preach the gospel. And well,
I suppose if Paul coud be stoned and get right up and back to work for
the Lord I can recover from not having any investigators or baptisms.
It really took me some time to recover this week and I have to admit I
was a little bit negative about things for a couple days, even though
it really isn´t that big of a deal but man, I don´t know, it was hard
on me. I am doing just fine now but still hoping that a miracle
happens. We do still want to keep meeting with Gladys but things are
just less sure and more difficult now.
We had a conference this last week with President Rogers and his wife.
It is always nice to get together for the conferences that we have.
Afterward my companion and I always want to get to work harder. I
really enjoy the Spiritual bits during the conferences, especially in
this last conference when we talked about Easter. Those are the parts
that I treasure the most and pull from the most in my labors. It helps
me remember not just the how of missionary work, but the more
important part- the why.
We also had our ¨capilla abierta¨this week and we were able to give
tours of the chapel. It was fun to see the members at work as
missionaries, teaching those who entered about what we believe and
love. It was fresh to see things from the other side. It helped me see
again how precious the things we know are and renewed my desire to
share them with others.
This week we saw a miracle in a reference that we received for a
family who recently had their daughter pass away. We got close to
their door and I was about to knock when I decided to pray that I
would know what to say because I didn´t know how to handle a situation
like that. Then I knocked and a young man that I already knew answered
the door. His name is Ever. He was a contact that I did with my last
companion-- a contact where I really felt like I needed to stop that
young man and talk to him. We taught him one lesson like a month ago
and then he moved to Neuquen to study. But his sister was the young
woman who had recently passed away and he came back for a few weeks.
We had the opportunity to share with him about eternal families and
come back another day to teach him a lesson that was a mix of lesson 2
and lesson 3. He headed back to Neuquen yesterday and before he left
said he really just needs time alone to work things out in his head
right now. But I don´t think it was a mere coincidence that we ran
into him again. It may be years down the road but I am confident that
in time he will come to realize that the gospel will help him in this
hard time he is going through and in all his life. It was a really
cool experience and I pray that he will able to receive the happiness
that I have knowing that my family will be together forever as we live
according to the Lord´s gospel. The Lord has such a perfect plan for
us. I love it!

Love you all!
Have a great week!!
Hermana Kuhn

P.S.- today is my companions birthday. She is turning 20. we are going
to have a surprise party as a zone. Whoot! :)

Oh and I never told you that we totally changed our furniture around
in the apartment. The heater doesnt really reach the room where we
used to sleep so we switched rooms. Here are some pics! ok, just
kidding it wont let me send pics today...

He, and I had my companion cut my bangs this morning too. Just a
little but that was a fun little adventure. Oh, and I think I may have
lice now. It has only bothered me a few times though...

Oh, and I will be calling in about 2 weeks. Whoot! Cant wait to hear
where Parker is head

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