Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Well, first off....Happy Easter!!!I hope that you have had a super
great week and Easter :)
This week was a really great week. Our investigator Gladys who has a
baptismal date is continually progressing. She is de diez-- super
great! Her only desafio may be her parents because she is still 17 but
they have given her permission to listen to us and already said once
that she can be baptized. We are very excited for her! :) She invited
us to dinner this past week for Pascua and we had a very good time
with her and her sisters. We ate food like we would have eaten at
home--delicious potatoes and fish that we would eat on a Sunday in the
house and I felt like I was in heaven! She is going to be baptized the
26th in the Noche Blanca-- a big activity our zone has planned to have
a whole ton of baptisms-- like 7 or 8 in the same night. We are really
excited for that event! They are going to have an open chapel all
afternoon and then the baptisms in the evening. The mission president
might even be coming!
Our other investigators are doing well too. They just still arent
showing up at the chapel on Sundays! We are hoping they show up soon.
We had an awesome Pascua devotional with the 3 wards of Puerto Madryn
this week. It was great! The Spirit was very strong and there were a
ton of people who came, including several menos activos and
investigators! :)
My companion is so great! I sure love her. She is sincere, humble, and
hard working. She is really good about sticking to the schedule too
and I am learning from her. We have had a few cases where I felt the
lessons have been a little too rushed for the sake of keeping lessons
short and I talked to her this week about it being important to me
that the lessons arent too long but also that investigators feel
heard, understand, and feel the Spirit. I am going to work with her so
we can find a balance. But she is truly so awesome! I am learning more
and more all the time about trials she has faced and overcome in her
life and it is an inspiration to me. I want to be more like her. She
is very strong. She is very direct and decisive too, things I am not
and that sure helps a lot.
This week I saw a miracle in seeing that Hermana Tumbaico is here in
Puerto Madryn not only for me but for Gladys our investigator. She has
had a lot of issues with her father and not feeling love towards him.
Hermana Tumbaico has faced many trials because of her dad but yet has
been able to forgive him and love him and could help Gladys this past
week begin to overcome her hard feelings. The Lord puts is in certain
places for certain reasons! I also really felt the power of prayer
this week. In one prayer in particular I felt the soothing grace of
the atonement of Jesus Christ. I felt like He was at my side, or angel
that He sent, was at my side comforting me in a difficult moment. I
felt that Christ really does understand what I have gone through and
what I am going through and that was very powerful, especially during
this Easter Season. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have
everyday to change and be better through Christ. I am grateful for His
Holy Sacrifice and His love.

Have a great week! Love you all!
Hermana Kuhn

Below: a fote of me and my companion eating some chocolate eggs we
bought to celebrate the Easter season. We sure ate a whole lot of junk
yesterday. Whoops! I rationalized with-- "its easter". I should not
rationalize those kinds of things! I am regretting it today.


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