Sunday, March 9, 2014


Dear Fam,
I am staying with my companion and am staying in Puerto Madryn! This
last week for the first time it hit me that I truly love being a
missionary! As I visited with other missionaries and with the members
or investigators here and I reflected back on my experiences
afterwards it kept hitting me how much I love Puerto Madryn and just
love being a missionary. It is not always easy and, as in all things,
I don´t always feel that way but for the first time I did feel that
way this past week and it has been so great! I love the people here
and am very content to be staying here for another transfer. My
companion and I have also found some awesome and promising
investigators here as well this last week or so that we are looking
forward to teaching and hopefully making progress with! :)

I am also happy to stay with my companion for another transfer. She is
very laid back and doesn´t stress too much and that is something that
I need. She also communicates very openly with me. We talked very
openly with one another this week and decided to start trying to be
more obedient. We have been pretty good but there is always room for
improvement. So, we are going to put forth effort there. Also, my
companion and I talked today about being very open with one another. I
felt like I was open with my companions before but I didn´t realize
that I really wasn´t that open. In talking openly with my companion
today I realized what it means to really be open and express your
feelings and that it really can take a load off of your shoulders. We
talked about how sometimes being in a companionship can be difficult
because we want to work at different speeds or we want to focus on
different things and that we have to adjust to work with our
companion. We addressed that sometimes in my mission so far I have
wanted to work really fast and that sometimes I have felt like I drag
my companion along or have to slow down to wait for my companion and
that has been hard for me because I don´t want to drag someone along
but when I slow down I feel guilty for not working as hard as I
potentially could. I also want to focus on investigators while my
companion wants to focus on menos activos. But we have decided to
communicate really openly with eachother so that we will consider both
of our opinions as a companionship and I am sure that that will always
help things a lot. Sometimes I have found it easier to just do what my
companion wants to do but I am finding that it makes things a lot
harder later when I don´t share my own ideas, opinions, or things that
are bothering me. So, I will be working on that. My current companion
and I haven´t really had any problems but I want to avoid future
problems in any way possible.

So this week some of the members of Trelew were driving through Puerto
Madryn, honked and stopped to see me. It made me so happy! We all
hugged a lot (and kissed because we are in Argentina) and they all
told me how much they missed me and it made me happy to realize that
even though sometimes I feel like I haven´t made a big difference (or
any difference at all) because I haven´t seen many progressing
investigators or baptisms that I have at least touched the lives of
the members. I read, I believe in PMG, that a missionary of success is
one who loves the people. And I love the people of Trelew and of
Puerto Madryn, investigators and members, and they have said that they
love me too. So....success! :)

I know the Lord is still supporting me in every step that I take and
that He has a plan for me and for my mission and that He works through
the mission president to assign me to an area and to a companion that
I need to learn and grow and that the people need to find the gospel
and to progress. I know I always need to rely on Him better but I know
that He is always there and helps me so much. I saw miracles by His
hand this week in the assignments we had during transfers and also in
a few of the new investigators that we found. I just feel that several
of them are so prepared for baptism. The Lord just put us together
with them and all we need to do now is His work. Also this week my
companion and I called an investigator that we met here who moved to
Buenos Aires soon after we met him. We wanted to get his info to pass
to other missionaries and we haven´t been able to get ahold of him for
some time. But this week we talked to him and asked how he was doing.
He is reading the Book of Mormon every night before he goes to bed! It
makes me so happy to hear that. When we taught him originally, I felt
like the words were given me that I should tell him. Oh, the Lord
works through us!
I love you all! Have a great week :)
Love, Hermana Kuhn
P.s. I recommend to everyone ¨Broken Things to Mend¨by President
Holland and ¨His Grace is Sufficient¨by Brad Wilcox (Sept. 2013
ensign). Two fantastic talks!

Included: final pictures of our district and zone (when I was fixing
my hair), our English class, and me with a license plate that almost
says Kuhn and a lot of light in my eyes. :)


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