Sunday, March 9, 2014


Whelp, this week my companion and I had a really good week as far as
investigators have been going. We have 4 investigators who technically
don´t count as progressing because they didn´t make it to church
Sunday but who I would qualify as truly investigating. They are
reading and praying and are truly interested in learning more. I love
them and am so excited to keep teaching them and am praying that they
will be able to keep progressing and make it to church soon-- there
names are Noelia who is like 30 years old, Jessica who is probably
also around 30, Agostina who is like 25 and Aldana who is like 24. We
seem to have a nack for a certain age group :). My companion is a
champ teacher. She is completely the reason that our investigators are
still reading and praying and listening. She teaches by the Spirit so
well. She always focuses the message on the investigators and applies
it to their needs and asks a lot of super great inspired questions. I
am learning from her how much I have to learn and I am grateful for
the awesome opportunity that I have to learn from her!

I do have to say that my companion and I have had a really hard time
this week with the new standard President Ballard set for our mission
of doing 20 contacts every day. My companion is just so good at doing
good quality contacts that each contact takes a while so that even if
we spend an hour knocking doors we might end up with 5 really great
contacts who we have citas with and who could feel the Spirit and
everything. But yet I feel guilty that I have not been doing exactly
what the Lord has asked of me and through one of his apostles no less.
I am just not sure what to do about it because I want to be sure that
every contact is quality but I want to be obedient too, so that has
been a little bit of a struggle. To be honest, this week has just kind
of been an emotional rollercoaster. We have had so many great
experiences but yet I have just started to cry walking down the street
a few times expressing my feelings to my companion. I think the guilt
of not doing all the contacts I should be doing is getting to me-- I
want to share the gospel with everyone but yet I don´t want to do it
wrong. But, this week I am going to try to be better--to have greater
faith and rely on the Lord and really dedicate all that I have and am
to Him and do the most contacting I possibly can.

This week I saw a miracle simply in the love I felt for a menos activo
and that I felt that he needed me-- me in specific.  I haven´t really
felt that way before but I realized that the Lord needed me here for
him and I am so happy that I could help both him and the Lord. :)

Sorry, I didn´t write too much this week but things are good. I love
you all very much and hope you have a super great week!
Hermana Kuhn

I will include a quick pic--we had a ward activity this week
and I painted an elderly lady's nails (her name is Hermana Margarita.
She's so cute. She's the bishop´s wife´s mom) and she was so excited
that she wanted a picture (note how she made her nails visible-hehe).

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