Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Happy late Valentine´s day! I love you all very much and I hope that
you had a great day together. I saw the roses and chocolates dad got
for you mom so I am sure you had a great day right?:)
So, theres like a cruise ship in the port all the time here. This week
for the first time I passed a group of people speaking English. There
accent was strong Australian. It was so great. I almost died of
happiness. I was so excited I just had to talk to them. So I said,
"Hello!" and they said "Hey, what´s up?" And I said, "not much." And
it was the biggest thrill ever. Can you believe it, I had an entire
English conversation with a group of people? Haha, real intelligent
conversation right? :)
I yet again love the area of Puerto Madryn. The people here are so
great and thanks to effort of the bishop and the members the ward is
constantly progressing. The talleres have been going well and we
reached our ward mission goal this week to have ward attendance of
100. We hit 106! We were so excited and Bishop Cayuqueo was even more
excited. It was awesome! Our bishop is a capo (Argentine word for
legit). He cares so much. It is fantastic.
For the first time this week, I feel like I am finally beginning to
adjust to the culture and the people and I am fully realizing that
they are people the same as the people in the United States or any
other country. I don´t know if I had fully understood that before. I
always knew it but I am beginning to feel it and really be able to
love the people here like I love the people back home. It is still
harder to do with the language barrier and all but I am realizing that
it is possible and worth it :). It has helped a lot that my companion
loves and cares about the people so much. She is always a great
example to me.
You know, for a while I have been kind of healing I feel like. At the
beginning what with everything that hit me, I was almost in shock and
couldn´t move forward and progress at the speed that I would have
liked to. I feel like I almost broke a little. But I am feeling like I
am being healed a little each day with the help of the Savior Jesus
Christ. And I know that I can move forward and begin to really
progress and become the much better missionary that I want to be with
His help too. Even when we can hardly do anything but try, even give a
most feeble attempt, the Lord´s grace is sufficient. He knows us,
loves us, and accepts us when we repent, keep the commandments, and
try to follow Him. I am so grateful and am beginning to understand how
very much I need the Lord in my life-past, present, and future- and in
my mission. I now feel a little stronger thanks to Him and feel that I
can start to be a better missionary. I still feel quite weak but I
know that if I rely on the Lord and have faith in every footstep I
will be able to be more obedient, more prepared for lessons, and a
better Spanish speaker. I love the Lord. :)
I saw this week a miracle in the fact that we found 4 new
investigators. The Lord put them all in our path or put us in their
path and we were able to have some great lessons this week :). A few
times in the last few days I really felt like the words that I said
were coming from the Spirit. That doesn´t happen all that often
because I am still not always comfortable in teaching situations what
with all the material to teach and the language and all but the Lord
is helping me and edifying me. I am so grateful for that and hope to
be a better instrument in His hands always.

Have a great week! Love you all!
Hermana Kuhn

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