Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I love the members here! They are so great. I feel like even with the
language barrier, for the first time I am really make friendships with
the members and I love that so much! They are the greatest :). We have
constantly had a lot of workshops-- like I am teaching piano and
English :)-- and many of the youth come and sometimes invite friends.
It has been so good to get to know them and to help them be more open
to sharing the gospel with their friends. One of the less members too
is teaching a  sewing workshop and is even making me a skirt. It is so
cute! I love her a lot.
My companion and I are getting along well still. She is not just my
companion, but also my friend. I am learning so much from her about
worrying about, caring, and serving the people, and about teaching by
the Spirit. We are busy, working, and helping the people. Sometimes my
companion gets frustrated because her numbers dont show how hard she
works, and its really a shame because she is such a hard worker and is
always focused on other people. She really turns outward and doesnt
think about herself much, but focuses on the needs of others. I am
constantly impressed and want to be so much more like her. I am trying
everyday but its a hard standard to try to reach.
I am learning a whole lot this transfer. For one, this week we saw a
miracle in the form of a less active member. I was walking down the
street this week and praying in my heart that the Lord would use me as
an instrument in His hands that day. I was feeling a little bit
inadequate that day and knew that I would feel a lot better if I was
able to do what the Lord wanted me to do. I prayed to know His will
and just felt like I should say, hello, good afternoon to all of the
people I was passing, and with a great big smile too. We passed a man
sitting out in a chair in front of his house and I said, Hello, good
afternoon! and we just kept walking. We got about half way down the
street and the man called out, are you missionaries from the church of
Jesus Christ of latter day saints? We practically came running back
and said we sure are.  Turns out that he is a member of the church
that recently moved to Puerto Madryn. He had lived here a few years
ago, moved away, and moved back but hadnt been to church again since
he had returned-- about 4 months ago. We invited him to church this
week and he came :). He was dressed up in his fancy clothes and so
happy to be there. It made me so happy! That was a miracle. The Lord
let me be His servant for that tiny moment to bless the live of
someone else. I know it came from Him. It was almost seconds after I
prayed too and it was just so great. I love the Lord!
I have to say that another miracle I have really felt as of late has
also been just understanding the atonement better.I realized this week
that every thing that I have gone through so far on my mission has not
necessarilly been sent by the Lord, but yet has been sent by the Lord
to teach me to rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. I have realized
that when we feel broken there is no one that can heal us but the Lord
Jesus Christ and that He truly does heal us. If we have faith in Him,
He makes us brand new, better than ever even when we have been broken
to smitherines. What hope that has given me! I know that everything
will be fine. There is not even reason to ever fear. We fear because
we are afraid we will be broken. But yet, I am realizing that even
when we are broken, if we come to the Lord, He will fix us. There is
nothing we cant overcome with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ. I
love Him and I am so grateful that I can share that message with
others for this time.
I love you all,
Hermana Kuhn

Here are just a few photes for the week. We had an FHE with some of
the new converts this week. She is the one who is making a skirt for
me. Their family is adorbs! And here they are with my cute companion
I bought a new bag this week and then had to get a picture in the
mall. Also, we saw a huge ol ship out ahead and we had to get a quick

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