Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So, this week was pretty great and went by super fast. First off, I
love my companion! She is the most encouraging person. And sometimes I
just get down on myself so she sure helps me a lot. She is my friend
and she really cares about me and that has helped me a whole ton. I am
realizing because of her that no matter what our weaknesses are, our
Heavenly Father still loves us. And that we all have weaknesses, it´s
just a part of who we are, and I should accept that. That doesnt mean
that I shouldnt try to improve but that I can still be ok with myself
when I screw up. And well, I like that. That´s really good to know.
This week my companion and I saw some miracles and they were pretty
cool. For one, we were waiting for a member who was going to accompany
us to an appointment at a street corner and instead of just waiting
around like we could have, we decided to contact a passer-by. His name
is Ever and a lot of the members of his family are actually members--
like his cousin and aunts. So he agreed to listen to us. He was
receptive and said that if he receives an answer about the Book of
Mormon that he will be baptized. But Ever is one of 3 people we have
met this week who have more or less eaccepted baptism but are all
moving within the next 3 weeks-- before they even could be baptized!
We are going to pass their information on to the missionaries where
they will be but it is too bad that we wont be able to see them make
covenants like baptism with their Heavenly Father. But we are just
planting seeds everywhere! So that is great.
I am learning--thanks to my companion and personal studies and just
the mission and Heavenly Father that I can sure try to do the work
without Heavenly Father´s help and I will be able to go through the
motions ok. But that if I rely on the Lord and consecrate the work I
do to Him, and be as a little child completely relying on Him for the
direction I should take, that I will be doing a completely different
work and it will feel completely different, and it will be pleasing to
the Lord. That is something I am working towards. Its really a pity I
am so human and that I forget the Lord so easily but I am beginning to
recognize how important it is that I completely rely on Him and I am
grateful that He is there, always ready to offer His help and His
love. That is the most important aspect of this work. It matters much
more how I rely on the Lord than how I behave from day to day. I hope
to be so much better but I love the Lord and I love the opportunity
that I have to learn to rely on Him.
I love you all--have a super great week!
Hermana Kuhn

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