Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1/13/14 Transfer to Puerto Madryn

Wow, there´s a lot to write. First off, father I have not had a chance to go to Western Union today and I don´t know if I will be able to get to one in Trelew. Will that really screw things up or will I be able to go to Western Union in another city and pick it up?

Ok so New Year´s Eve was fun. We did basically the same thing as Christmas Eve and with the same family but this time in the chapel with almost all of the missionaries in our zone. It was really quite fun. We have a picture of us all crammed in the same car for our ride home. hehe I love these elders. It´s nice to start fresh with a new year. It´s cool to think that this is my missionary year--that really this entire year will be dedicated to missionary service. And I am excited to dedicate just one entire year of my life. There´s plenty to improve as a missionary this year but I will be trying :). 
This last Monday my companion and I spent the day with the Trivino family (who we lived with our first transfer) viewing the city of Puerto Madryn. Its got some really pretty beaches. It was quite fun. They bought us souvenirs, lunch, and ice cream. :) Pictures are on the way. 

The day before yesterday they called us for transfers. My companion and I were sure she was leaving. We had told everyone that my companion was leaving, and she was just about packing her bags when they told us that I, and not her, am being transferred. My companion will be training again and I will be headed to Puerto Madryn, the very place my companion and I visited this week! My new companion will be Hermana Young from Washington state. I head out by bus at 6 oclock. I am excited to see what awaits! 

The past few weeks my companion and I have lost all of the investigators that had baptismal dates. They just were not able to stop drinking, even for just a few days and the Leaders don´t want us to be around drunks all the time either so we have had to leave them. It´s a real pity. We visited one of them yesterday so I could say goodbye. He started to cry. He said to my companion, I love her a lot...talking about me. It almost made me cry. I hope the very best for him and I really hope he can quit drinking. I am going to miss him and all of Trelew in fact. There have been some really good times here and I have met some fantastic people. I don´t know if it has really hit me yet that I am really leaving my companion and the city but it´s kinda sad. This week I have really been impressed with the members here in Argentina. Their testimonies are truly so impressive and their willingness to help in the missionary work makes me so happy. We have found in these last few weeks so many awesome members who are willing to accompany us to appointments with members and their testimonies add so much to every lesson. We had one super awesome lesson this last week with a particularly strong member. I felt the Spirit so strong and felt prompted to invite our investigator to baptism in the middle of the lesson. He accepted. We found out later that he had not completely understood so we are not sure where he stands in terms of baptism for right now but I was still so happy that I recognized and followed that prompting from the Lord. It was super great!

I am doing really well. Sometimes I have tended to feel inadequate as a missionary, or to feel like I am screwing up the work or something. But this past week I realized that the Lord doesn´t expect me to perfect. He wants me to try but because of the His Atonement He truly understands and still loves me even with my shortcomings. I still need to overcome them but He is always there to help. How sweet it is to remember that! It is so true and it applies not only to me but to all of my investigators as well. What greater blessing could there possibly be?

Love you all!
Hermana Kuhn








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