Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! We had a fun Christmas Eve the night before with a family from our ward just eating and talking with them and other missionaries. It was nice to have just kind of a chill night. Then Christmas day like everything was closed and everyone busy so my companion and I just kind of chilled in the apartment for the morning and opened our presents from the fam. Thank you so much for sending us those gifts again! They were beautiful and my companion and I both loved our gifts :). And then later in the day on Christmas I got to talk to the family!! It was so good to talk to you! Sorry I cried so much. Oh, it is a talent I have recently developed, crying beyond what is perceived as humanly possible.
My companion and I have had some rough patches as of late but we talked over everything during companionship inventory. I feel like we tend to blame one another when our numerical success isn´t what it should be and that is a really bad idea, blaming one another, so we are working on it. On another note, this week was pretty crazy. I feel pretty good about it. The last few days we have actually had appointments with people. I don´t know long that will last, but we have been a little busier and that has been so nice. One of our investigators even attended church this week and has a baptismal date! It was so great! His name is Roque. Haha well, he is one of the drunks that kind of wanders the streets. I don´t know why my companion and I hadn´t taught him before because we had seen him but he was in the area of the other sister missionaries and they, being inspired, talked to him, taught him the first lesson, invited him to baptism and he accepted. They told him that he would have to quit drinking to be baptized and I think he kind of forgot for a while because the first time my companion and I visited him he was definitely drunk. But we told him that we wanted him to go to church with us the next day but that he couldn´t drink again before church. When we saw him yesterday for church it was like he was a different person. He was ready to go and excited about church. He told us about his very, very strong faith in God and that he knew God sent him missionaries to teach him and help him change his life. So, that was pretty great. In reality, Heavenly Father sent Roque to us to help us feel better. To be honest, we have been pretty discouraged the last little bit because we haven´t had a consistent investigator or consistent daily lessons for quite some time but talking with Roque and feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for him has really boosted our Spirits. I think that again soon we may have a progressing investigator :). I am so happy about that. Actually, it could be that we will have 2 progressing investigators. This week looking for the reference of Roque, we starting teaching a different man named Jorge. We thought he was Roque and went the whole first lesson calling him Roque. He didn´t say anything, but later on in the week I had companion exchanges with one of the original sister missionaries who talked to Roque, and when we went to visit ¨Roque¨she said, Uh, that isn´t Roque. So, we asked what his real name is and it´s Jorge. He too accepted a baptismal date! Funny how the Lord let us find someone throught screwing up. He lives in a van and has some serious issues with his legs and has to use a wheel chair but likes listening to our messages and hangs every picture or pamphlet up that we give to him on the windows of his van to look at. Both of our investigators are so humble and so great. I love them! :) I am so grateful to Heavenly Father that he sent us (and other missionaries) to them to help them come to Christ.
Well, this week I hope everyone has a very enjoyable New Year´s Eve and New Year´s day. Let´s all try to be a little better this coming year!
Hermana Kuhn



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