Thursday, November 14, 2013

They have found a pension to move into.

Dear fam,
Please let me know on BYU as soon as you find out! I really want to know what's going on with that. If you don't have an email would you mind calling them? Thanks! Also, I got the money. Thanks! Don't worry about sending more money as of the moment. I don't need so much after all but I will let you know if things change.
Also, thanks for the photos with Brother Quinton and Quinton :).Please send Brother Quinton my regards. I hope he recooperates quickly!
Ok, and it begins. The forever long email.
 Good news! We will move on Wednesday :). Its a nice place too (much better than where the other sisters are living). We are excited to move in! I love our leaders. They got to work hard, some of them working for hours, to try to get everything figured out for our pension.  Namely: Elder Jara our district leader from Peru, and our zone leaders- Elder Blatterd from I.F! and Elder Jofre from here in Argentina. Such great missionaries its a little ridiculous.
This last Monday was super fun. I got to speak English more (whoot!) and our zone went to "Shopping" the mall here. We went to a little arcade inside the mall actually and it was super fun!! I have been so blessed with all of the missionaries in my zone. They are such great examples! And today we don't really have a P-day because on Thursday we are all going to Puntatombo to see the penguins with Pres. Rogers. I am excited!! We also have a missionary conference all day Wednesday so this week is pretty crazy.
Ok, well this week we met several promising individuals that we are looking forward to teaching more. I am excited! We met a young woman named Belem who listened very receptively and a young man named Sergio who was the same. We found out that Sergio is technically in the other missionary's boundaries so we are turning him over to them. But I feel that we were meant to find him. It was kind of odd. We were just walking past his house and we felt like we should knock (clap outside his gate) and talk to him. We did and like I said he was receptive. He said he would accept baptism once he receives answers to his prayers.
Our mission president is super great. He has a goal to try to get a temple for the people of the Patagonia and we are trying our best to make that happen. The more I talk to the people here the more I realize how badly they need a temple. There is one family here that wants to be sealed super bad but that have never been able to make the trip all the way to Buenos Aires. Almost every time I have talked to them they have mentioned a temple and I hope so badly that we can get a temple here for them and all others who so badly want to visit the temple. It makes me appreciate so much more that I have a temple so close to home.
A few stories about the people here-- oh, they crack me up-- yesterday in church the counselor to the Bishop was coughing quite a bit up on the stand. So, in the middle of sacrament meeting the Bishop stands up (in the middle of a talk) and walks out. A few minutes later he walks in with a cup of water and a full pitcher, and a smirk on his face. He sat down next to his counselor, handed him the cup and kind of laughed to himself. So funny! I've never seen anything like that before.
Another classic moment- the family we are living with took us with them to visit an older gentleman friend of theirs who lives in a care center yesterday. Sister Trivino pulled out some cough drops to eat (their version of candy) and after just threw all of her trash out the window. It totally took me by surprise and I started to laugh to myself a little in the back seat of her car. Ha ha, oh Argentina. Its a good place and like anywhere has its quirks.
The Lord keeps letting me know how I can improve and then helps me do it and I am so grateful for that. For one, the Lord keeps letting me know that I need to open my mouth more and not worry about what anyone thinks to spread the gospel. At times I get really nervous about talking to others because of my language difficulties and I have a TON of improvement to do there but the Lord is helping me and has promised great blessings if I can just open my mouth. I know that the Lord wants me to learn patience out here on the mish. I am not very patient- I know it, and the Lord knows it, and I can tell he is trying to teach me to be patient through my experiences. I have to be patient with the language, now with weight loss, with myself, the fact that I cant be with my family for so long, etc. I hope that I can make the best of this learning experience and become a little more patient, and enjoy every moment of the mish like I know I should. But, things are good :). When I think sometimes of being at home, I realize that there is a lot I am missing but also I remember that this is where I am supposed to be and therefore the things which I am doing here are most important at this moment.
Well, I love you all!
Hermana Kuhn

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