Thursday, November 14, 2013

Living with the Tivino Family

Hi Family,
First, a few ítems of business. If you don´t have time to get on and chat today and I will be happy to go get the $100 at Western Unión. Thank you very much! I hate do this but if you think you could send another $100, it´s easier than trading money with someone. Sorry! Also, any news on BYU? We should be finding about that soon. Would you mind checking my email and if there is nothing giving them a call and letting me know what they say?? Thank you! 
All I can say is that this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I will start by saying that I know that everything I am experiencing here is supposed to happen so I can learn and grow and I am doing my very best to do so but it´s been a little tricky. I am very grateful for my district and for my companion. She is SO patient with my lack of ability to speak that it´s overwhelming and I am truly so grateful for it. Even though I know a little bit of Spanish this language barrier thing is killing me. I must like to talk too much because it has been really difficult to not be able to express everything, especially in the correct manner to my companion, investigators, and all others I come in contact with. I went 5 days this week without hearing or speaking a word of English and it was blowing my mind for a bit. Crazy, crazy, crazy and yes overwhelming too. But in church yesterday (it just changed into italic and I don't know how to change it back) I can honestly say that I understood a whole lot more than I did the week before so I have got to be learning something. That´s good! :) Still most of the time when someone is speaking to me I either give them a blank look, say í don't understand, or on occasion just say the word si.
Next, I will say that I love having lessons with investigators and having the opportunity to bare my testimony to those that I am here serving. Sincé my companion and I are opening an área we started with zero investigators and no information to start from. So we are knocking doors day in and day out and I feel like I´m not really contributing much. I feel like I am not doing the work I should be doing. I mean, I know that I am but it´s hard to see the effects of this type of work versus the change you can see in a person´s face during a lesson. We have found a few people to teach knocking doors to the point that I think we have taught 3 or 4 legit lessons now which have all been really cool. I want to have investigators to focus on so I am not thinking about myself so much but so far I haven´t had many opportunities to do that.
We still don´t live in our own apartment . We are living with the Trivino family. They are the most fantastic and cutest couple!! The people here in Argentina feed us a TON of food for lunch so missionaries usually only eat lunch with the members. But the Trivino family insists that we eat dinner with them every night too and it is a whole ton of food also so I am pretty sure I have gained like 10 pounds this week alone. I legitely wouldn't be surprised. We have tried to talk to them about it but they still insist and I would try to talk to them more but most of the time I don´t understand what they are saying and they don't understand what I am saying so we run into problems. I am looking forward to being able to control what I eat again. But apparently we will be living with the Trivino family for another 4 or 5 days so we´ll see what happens. Dinner with the Trivinos usually takes from 9 pm to 10 at least so we haven´t been getting to bed until 11 or 11:30 and it´s starting to catch up with me. I am ready to move into our own apartment.
I have prayed for help a lot this week. And everyday I have seen many simple mercies from the hands of Heavenly Father. The simplest things have helped me so much. Yesterday we ate lunch with a family who just played music from the tab choir and David Archuleta in English the whole time while we were eating and I just wanted to cry it made me so happy. I know that I need to pray harder and really on the Lord a lot more. I want to learn from the things that I am experiencing here but I know I can only do that as I rely on the Lord. I know that the Lord has laid out exactly the áreas and companions that will help me to grow most on my missión but I have to be more humble and submit to his will. To this point I haven´t been so good but the last few days have been easier. Except for the fact that I keep gaining weight and I am getting more and more tired, everything else seem to be getting easier and I that wouldn´t we possible if it weren´t for the help I am receiving everyday from my Heavenly Father. I need to plead for a whole lot more help though. I need to be more humble and submissive but I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be out here serving a mission so that I can learn that. I love you all and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! I hope this didn´t sound negative. Things have been tricky but I know that I am where I am supposed to be and that I will learn from everything that I am experiencing.
Love you!
Hermana Kuhn

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