Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Dear fam, this week was crazy! 
This week was another crazy one. I did divisions with the Hermanas from Centro-- Heath and Garavito. That was fun. I love the Hermana Heath-- my comp from the MTC. Did I every mention that she is here in my zone? Ya, she is. She is super great. :) She makes me want to be better. She loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING so much and it just makes me happy :). 

As far as Hermana Lachos goes, she will be going up to Comodoro to work soon. And we only have like a week left in this transfer anway. Plus yesterday she got hit by a ball in the face in Ushuaia and her glasses are now broken and she can hardly see anything. She has a cut above her eye and it is a little swollen too. 

Did I mention that we went to Ushuaia yeterday? Ya, we totally hit up the end of the world to celebrate the missions 1 year birthday. It was very fun! The 2 zones from here and Ushuaia were together and enjoying our time :). We left at like 4:30 in the morning to make the trip and got back at like 9 last night. We took a ship out to see an old light house. It was cool stuff and very cool weather-- there was so much wind that our skirts were all over the place! pictures included. 

This week, we put 5 new fechas with investigators!-- each of them in faith because none of our investigators are married but are living together, so we will just be working hard to help them make that step. They are all so great! One of them, Sylvia, already has a testimony of the restoration, we are just working now on helping her take the next steps.The rest of them are not quite there yet because they forget to read or pray, but I know they will be getting there soon. My companions and I have really been focusing in on what they need and we are finding it little by little-- our other fechas names are Laura, Antonella and Jeramias, and Jessica and Pedro. Antonella, Jeramias, Jessica and Pedro have all been to church. I think I may have mentioned it arleady but Pedro has major anxiety, especially in big groups of people so they were worried to go to church. But they went in faith, and he didnt have any problems-- in fact, he said he felt a fealing of consolance. Miracle! We had a cita with Anto y Jeremias this week and I testified of baptism. That through it, and more than that, through Christ, we can be cleansed from our sins. Jeremias was so happy to hear that. He has made some mistakes in his life. He isnt usually willing to commit. But when we asked him if he would be baptized. He said, ya, that would be good. Something huge coming from him! That was cool-- another miracle. In another cita with them, we went next door to their neighbors house first to grab chairs to use in our cita becuase they only have 2, and their neighbors are members. When we set the chairs up Anto said, good idea. we only have 2 chairs. theres only 2 of us, so what do we need more for? Wow, how different that is from life back home. We need seats for everyone and couches, and everything. But they are fine with having only what they need. Good for them!

This last week we ate lunch with the Chpylik family-- we ate with them once before and I was rememembering the first time. THey have a ton of big old dogs that are all around us as we eat. THey are everywhere and it grosses me out. They have one super old, sick dog that is super gross. Last time we were there, she sat next to me at the table. Just for a little while until they made her get down from the table. But as she was sitting there, the Hermana looked over and goes, binchie, whats that on your lip? SHe looks closely, and goes, oh, thats a tooth. and just pulls it off her lip. Oh, I almost gagged. Good thing the food was good or I dont know if I would have eaten.

 Things have been crazy with the world cup and I have to admit that I have not been as effective this week because of it. I have let myself fall into the temptation to watch a little bit-- its on at every house! I enjoyed my sin but  have started to feel bad about it so  we have set a goal as a companionship to be so much better about the mundial from here on out. I have learned through it though the importance of team work and that I need to support my companions as much as I would team members in a huge game. We havent had problems with my companionships, but I could always be more helpful to them. This week I learned that when I make mistakes, if I just put them behind me and work toward a better future, I can overcome them and enjoy myself. Every once and I while I still fall into the old habit but then I forget about it again. Its all up to me, I just have to put them out of my mind and focus on the task or people at hand. I have been really happy this week, with just a few moments of falling again. I am learning through the mission that through the atonement Christ really loves us so much and has so much mercy with us. I know that I have to do my part but that through Him all of my shortcomings are forgotten-- all of my mistakes in my service don't matter anymore. I love the Savior so much and am learning more all the time that He truly lives and blesses my life. I receive a stronger testimony daily that He really has restored His church through the prophet Joseph Smith and that He speaks to us today.

Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Kuhn

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