Thursday, May 1, 2014


Wow, Jake Trost I cannot believe it! Well, I am excited to see you in
early October. Thats crazy. You will make it just in time for the next
General Conference. I would not have believed it if they had not send
me a pic of your call but I am excited for you! You will do great
things down here. It is a perfect call for you, no doubt about it.
My companion and I had a great week. We still have a baptismal
date--Gladys-- and she continues to progress! We are so excited about
that! :) We have also found new future investigators, especially
families, that we are excited about. I have slacked in contacting
again this week but I have been working to improve little by little
and I am doing better and am feeling better about it all the time. We
really enjoyed conference I hope you all did! We even got to watch in
English :) They set up a special place for us English speakers and it
was great. We told our investigators to come with specific personal
questions to conference having prayed and fasted that their questions
would be anwered. I too made a list of questions and can say that they
were answered! I love that the gospel is so perfect and that the
truths therein are true for each and every one of us. l loved hearing
about the blessings of obedience and want to make a greater effort to
be obedient so that I will be able to help those people the Lord has
waiting. I want to be more and more dedicated all the time to the Lord
and to His work.
I am excited about the upcoming transfer. I am staying here in Puerto
Madryn and I am glad. I love the people here! They are the greatest :)
My new companions name is Hermana Tumbaico and apparently she is from
Quito, Ecuador. I will be the Senior companion and I think that is a
crazy idea but I am excited. Well, I am nervous but excited and am
praying for the Lords help to be able to communicate both my own
personal feelings and those things that the Spirit directs but know
that He will help me. It will be hard to say goodbye to my companion.
She has helped me so much and I love her a lot, but I am excited for
my coming companion.
My companion and I saw miracles this week in small things. Yesterday a
man stopped us in the street that said he needed help, that he wants
to stop drinking because it is ruining his life and that he was
searching for help and couldnt find it and for some reason decided to
stop us. He doesnt live in our area but it just goes to show how
missionaries are in the right place at the right time-- right where
the Lord needs them. The little miracles :)
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Love, Hermana Kuhn

Below: my companion and I with Gladys :)
Later, me with the Mugeta Family. We eat lunch with them once a week.
The two grandkids shown are less active members but we are working on
them. One day they are going to come visit me in the United States :)
Lastly, our bishop, his very pregnant wife, daughter and mother in
law. His wife is scheduled to enter the hospital tonight to have her
baby. He is the greatest bishop! I love him. He reminds me a little
bit of dad. :)

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