Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Dear fam! Thank you so much for the adorb photes and for letting me
know about your trip and baptism! I am glad that you had a safe good
trip :)!!
So many things to tell so little time! President has cracked down and
we now have an hour to do emails. I am kind of glad because we have
been spending way too much time emailing. Ok, below (and some on the
next email) I included a picture with me and my zone. We made tacos
and ate together today! it was fun :). There is a pic of me and some
road sign-- my companion and I could not figure out what it meant! And
me and Hermana Elvira from the ward. She is the cutest little member
and makes the bread for the sacrament meetings in our ward and also
feeds us lunch every other week. She went to the temple recently with
the ward and forgot to even come out to eat. She is super dedicated.
She lives like an hour walk from the church but used to walk it every
week until recently when she finally got a ride. I was sharing a
scripture with her this week at lunch. She read the scripture and then
I said, So hermana, what does that scripture say? haha and without a
pause she just read the whole verse again like I hadnt heard or
understood or something. So cute! She is the greatest :)

I have been bad about contacts this week again and I have felt really
bad about it. I am trying to be better now so that I dont feel so
guilty! It has been just been discouraging a few times because my
companion has been really fighting that new standard and it makes it a
little tricky (but my companion really is the best! :)) We did contact
one guy this week named Nestor who was really funny though. We were
talking to him for like 15 minutes when he goes. Wait a sec. He likes
hard at my name tag and goes....la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos
de los ultimos dias.....los mormones!! (in horror) and then started
backing away. my companion and I laughed and kept talking to him ( he
was half kidding) but it was so funny to see his reaction. It is not
usually quite so abrupt. :)

So, I have been teaching piano classes and I really started to love it
this week. It is the coolest thing when you are teaching something for
the first time, and in another language, and people understand and get
excited about it. I have several faithful students now -- probably
like 7-10-- that come every week and its the greatest. they keep
getting more and more excited. It almost makes me want to become a
teacher. I love seeing it when they suddenly get it! They dont have
pianos at home so they are drawing key boards no pieces of paper and
practicing at home-- how great is that! It is such a commodity to play
the piano here and I am the one who plays for everything. They all
think it so cool when I play a hymn and gather round to watch me play
even the simplest of songs elbowing eachother throughout and saying
stuff like dang! Look at that! ( in spanish of course). So funny.

Ok, so this week we had the womens conference and we had 5
investigators come plus a bunch of the menos activos we have been
visiting. it was so great! It was fun to watch the conference but even
better with them. The investigators names are-- Gladys, Octavia,
Maria, Noelia, and Lucia. We put a baptismal date with Gladys Rojas
Rodriguez this week! It was so awesome! I have had baptismal dates
before but this is the first time it has been real, like really real.
We were finishing our lesson with her this week (the first lesson--she
is 17 and a friend of a member of the ward) and I wasnt going to ask
her to be baptized. We had our arms folded already to pray and then I
just burst out--wait! I wanted to ask you something. If you find out
these things are true, will you be baptized? And she goes, ya, thats
why i am visiting with you. I was so happy! We prayed and then I asked
if I could use her bathroom. To be honest I just started crying and
dropped to my knees to pray. It is the best thing ever. She is
scheduled to get baptized the 26th of April!
This week at church we also had all kinds of menos activos come and
Gladys. I have never seen so many fruits of my labors and it was
awesome! I am getting nervous though about how I am going to keep up
the good work with them once my companion leaves. And we have
transfers this next week so who knows what will happen!

Alright, I wish had time to write a ton more but I dont know that I
do. I love you all and hope you have a super great week! I love the
Lord and know that as I rely on Him He will constantly help me. I am
realizing more and more that as I am serving when I start to feel bad,
the best thing to do is turn out--serve and do it with the most
willing heart possible. And suddenly everything is better-- everything
is great in fact :). Another thing I came to love this week is a quote
from Preach My Gospel about the atonement. It says-- All that is
unfair about life can be made right through the atonement of Jesus
Christ. That is so real. There is nothing that cant be fixed through
the atonement so there is not really anything that can hurt us. My
companion accidentally hurt my feelings a few times this week. We
talked about it later but the only way I kept myself from reacting in
the moment was to remember that. It doesnt matter how unfair I get
treated because I will always be able to overcome through the
atonement of Jesus Christ. What hope and light he brings to every life
and every situation! I love Him very much.

Well, have a great week fam! Love you lots,
Hermana Kuhn

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