Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Dear Fam,
I hope that you had a great week! I hope that you had great birthdays
Ken and dad!! Thanks for the emails! Boston is engaged?? That was
fast! To who? Mackenzie had her baby! Congrats to her!!! Capri that is
exactly the type of name I would expect and so cute! Park putting in
his papers! That is so exciting :). Congrats! That is all so fun. I
love hearing about it! I love to hear too about the activity you were
over dad. Sounds like fun! And your activity tonight...good luck!

This week my companion and I made quite a few new investigators. It
has been super great! We have already faced some difficulties with
each of them because of their families not allowing them to listen or
be baptized for one reason or another but it has been great to see the
faith of these specific investigators. I love them! We also continue
with our old investigators who are taking a little longer but they are
getting there-- poco a poco. I am understanding more and more everyday
that the gospel is the same here and that the people are just like
people back home and people that speak English. I think that learning
a language it takes a little bit longer to understand all of that but
little by little I am understanding more and more. I love our ward and
always feel the Spirit so strong in church because the Spirit is the
universal language :).
My companion and I talked this week very openly in our companionship
inventory. We talked about any little issue that we had had with the
new 5 new things we are supposed to do as President Ballard told us--
contact 20 people as a companionship daily, study ch. 3 in preach my
gospel during personal study for 30 mintues, ask everyone for a
reference, do MMT (the program President Rogers has instituted between
missionaries and wards to go out and teach less active members
together), and that we leave the apartment at 10am instead of at 11
like we used to (they changed our studies to be shorter)-- and any
little companionship conflict really and things have been going really
well since. There have been a few times since where I felt like we
weren´t using our time as well as we should have and I felt guilty
afterwards. But everytime something like that happened I would
immediately tell my companion and I hope that we can work together to
eliminate that in the future. But we are doing well. My companion
teaches so much by the Spirit I love it! And I love her a lot :). She
is my good friend.

We had interviews with President Rogers and his wife this last week
and I will confess that I just started sobbing in my interview. I told
him how (I am not sure if I told you all this) that my companion
Hermana Arres told me at the end of our time together that she was
tired of being a missionary and you could tell and how my current
companion keeps telling me she doesn´t want to be here. You couldn´t
tell before because she worked so hard but since the new 5 things have
come out she has been really resistant and sometimes you can tell that
she doesn´t want to be here. And I just told president about how hard
it is to keep excited about doing work and keep going and learning on
my own sometimes. It has been the hardest aspect of my mission I think
but I have learned so much!! I felt for a time like I just had such a
weight on my shoulders but I am finding that though the weight isn´t
any lighter, the Lord gives me strength to carry it easier and easier
all the time. I have seen exactly why He put me with every companion
and exactly the things He wanted to teach me. Oh, the mission is so
great! I love it more and more all the time. And I am loving the
people and the language more and more all the time too! I am finally
reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I almost understand
everything! There is like 1 verse every chapter that I don´t
understand so I just cheat and jump to English. But it has been really
great. I love it!

This week I saw time and time again how inspired the 5 things that
came from President Ballard have been. We have just found so many
people through contacting in a moment when they were feeling down and
needed help or just found people that I feel will be ready to accept
the gospel. It has been so great! Yesterday in particular we met a man
named Jorge that talked about the light he could see in us. He
recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ. :) I have also found
that the 30 minutes of study in PMG every morning is so inspired. I
already feel so much more confident in the lessons and for that reason
so much more eager to teach and share. I am excited for what the
future holds as far as that goes too. As far as I go, I am working on
having my prayers be more sincere and I have felt the Spirit so
strongly through that effort. Everything is going well. Love you all!
Have a great week!
Hermana Kuhn

I thought I would send a picture realy quick of our bathroom on Pdays
to give you a glimpse of how we wash our clothes. We have the chord to
plug it in that comes right in front of the door and connects, then
there is a giant tube that we connect to the sink for the water that
goes into the washer. Then the water comes out the washer too. We used
to put it back into the sink but it would overflow and end up all over
the floor. So I fixed some chair mecanism and it goes into the toilet
now (it has to be at a certain height or the water goes back into the
washer). Ha, then we hang the clothes up to dry, dryers do not really
exist. :) I need to send you all more of this kind of stuff. There is
such a process to everything! Oh Argentina.... :)

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